Thursday, March 31, 2011

Every child is a unique gift

something like a snowflake.

Conversation at the restaurant.

Little Man: I need to go potty.

GL to the Cattleman: I'll take him, come on Little Man.

Little Man: Mom your going in the wrong room.

GL: No your coming in here with me.

Little Man: But it's the girl's and I'm a boy!

GL: Well I'm a girl and since I'm the one that brought  you, you go in here.

Little Man: But I'm  doing a pee and I want to pee in the fancy sink, the sink in there is too tall to pee in.

Insert visual of blinky eyed Grey right here, mental images of Little Man standing on the step stool at home peeing in the sink flash by....... Naaaaa.....

GL: I should hope so, just come in here for now and I'll get Dad to bring you to the fancy sink before we leave.

GL to Cattleman upon returning to table: Honey you have some bathroom splaining to do...........

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That'll learn him....

Video of professional Police on Police behaviour has surfaced, Police lose tempers with each other:

Ironically this rowdy discussion and shoving match was the result of an out of jurisdiction Domestic Violence arrest. 

The fight began March 18 after a Colwyn Borough police officer was flagged down about a domestic dispute. The Colwyn officer arrested a man who allegedly punched a woman. The arrest evidently occurred about a block into Darby Borough. 
After the Colwyn officer arrested the man, members of the Darby police force arrived on the scene and a melee began.

Yup those police officers certainly showed that perp the proper way to handle his temper, showed any children watching that real men  can and do have control of themselves...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They only come out at night

Those of you that have been around a while know that I have had a wee mouse issue this past year. Which I find a tad puzzling as I have managed to live to the ripe old age of  ** (thought I would let it slip did ya? Wrong) with out ever clapping eyes on a real LIVE mouse that didn't come with cedar chips, an exercise wheel and  food pellets.

It all started when we bought a two bedroom recreational trailer last spring (we affectionately named it our very own easy bake oven) and after setting up we went home and some mice moved in. Rather rude of them to just waltz in uninvited but they did. I was of course repulsed and immediately on the war path, not wanting any of those dirty disease ridden varmints any where near where my babies crawl, play, sleep and eat. Steam cleaned carpets, stuffed more steel wool then you can shake a stick at and caulked every possible crevice. Never actually saw one but they did leave a helpful trail of poop and made a nest on a quilt I was in the middle of sewing. (after they chewed it to crud I might add.)

Situation identified and taken care of, never saw them again...till later in the fall...when the Cattleman and some of our children went up to our "summer place" to give it a good look see....he found more evidence of mice and he packed up all my linens, all the coats, boots, jackets, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink he brought home...he also accidentally packed the mice that were nesting in the linens too. I have since forgiven him.

So I had mice in my house for the very first time and I was none too pleased, ate some of my dry good stores, pooped all over the back end of my laundry room and just generally made a nuisance of them selves torturing our geriatric cat whose heart, instincts and mind were willing but her body? Not so much. We caught 5, count em 5 before the traps became quiet and the corpses stopped piling up.

Situation identified and taken care of, never saw them again.......

Conversation with one of my sons:

Mom I think there is something living underneath the basement stairs, I can hear it moving around at night.

That makes no sense, I haven't seen any droppings and all the traps are empty. ( I check them,put in fresh Peanut butter every so many days, boy do I check them, just in case.  Not that I am paranoid or worried)

Life goes on as usual. But now I check those traps every ding dang darn day, I even bought more and put them around the house, just in case...ya never know. No droppings any where to be found. It's all good, right?

We had a warm day last week and I was sitting in the living room reading and I kept hearing this weird noise. I called the Cattleman in to see if he could figure out what it was. Kinda sounded like an animal in the WALL digging or scratching at something, but it had a bit of a tin sound to it and we just could not place where it was coming from. He hypothesized that it just might be the ice melting between the troughing and the house or in the fascia (Sp?) or the Dormers. Could even be a tree rubbing up against the siding of house, some of those need to be trimmed back don't cha know....Ohhhhh Kay. I'll believe ya because I want to.

The Cattleman is working the night shift, which is fine I can handle things pas de sweat. I am woman, hear me roar....I am de Mamma. Lying in bed last night reading and an odd noise starts, a tinny sound, kinda like an animal digging. Lola the wonder dog and Bear start their low level growly barks. Shush I want to hear where it is coming from, Seems to be coming from the wall in my bedroom, the noise  might be coming up from "somewhere" in the basement being brought right up to my room by the heating duct work, sounds as if the thing is trying to dig right into my room and get at the peanut butter laden trap I have in that corner.

Na...couldn't be. I guess the dogs scared it off and it stops the digging clawing chewing the drywall sounds. About half hour later it starts again, dogs prance to corner in bedroom with growly bark and  chewy, digging, clawing the drywall sound stops.

 About half hour later it starts again, dogs prance to corner in bedroom with growly bark and  chewy, digging, clawing the drywall sound stops.

 About half hour later it starts again, dogs prance to corner in bedroom with growly bark and  chewy, digging, clawing the drywall sound stops.

Even in my sleep deprived daze I'm beginning to sense a pattern.....

About half hour later it starts again, dogs prance to corner in bedroom with growly bark and  chewy, digging, clawing the drywall sound stops.

Oh it's just the ice melting, it's just a tree limb, oh it's just the fascia (SP?), right......wait till I talk to that man in the AM!

I miss him, one of those rare moments, during that half hour or so where the digger/chewer  was waiting for the dogs to shut-up  I guess, I fell asleep. Sigh....

Conversation in my kitchen this afternoon.

Dear I think something is living in our house.

He looks at me as if my head is two times to big: Oh? What makes you say that?

I heard a noise last night, sounded as if it was trying to get in our room through the wall.....

I know I heard it this morning while I was trying to get to sleep...

You did? (Thank you for small mercies, I think that man thinks I make this stuff up...sometimes, like I'm paranoid now or something)


What are you gonna do about that?

I'm going up in the attic to see if a family of raccoons have moved in, it's spring they are looking for warm nest.

So this is where we are now, attic shows no evidence of animal habitation, all traps are clean and have been for several months, no droppings anywhere that I can see, it must be a ghost of one of those mice I did in in the fall I guess..

Situation unidentified and not taken care of,  a mystery is afoot.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

There ought to be laaaww bout that.

I think chocolate is a food group, a very specialized food group from which I particularly  like to dip into when I' ... hormonal...stressed ..nope none of those words capture the essence we go.."not quite myself". Yeah I like that turn of phrase much better.

Noticing I was "not quite like my self", the Cattleman, with impeccable instincts for self preservation, went out in an attempt to purchase me my favorite sedative...Ice cream.  Haagen Dazs's Triple Chocolate  to be exact. What makes Haagen Dazs's Triple Chocolate so special you ask? Well good question, it is so fine, so fine, it blows my taste buds to a state of such utter pleasure that endorphins are released in the multitudes. Tranquility and contentment is almost instantaneous. In other words Haagen Dazs's Triple Chocolate is my prozac of choice.

As the name implies there are three, count em three different chocolates to be found in this wee two cup bucket. Chocolate Ice cream, made with (I'm sure) the finest of cream, chocolate fudge genache ribbons intertwining it's way throughout  the cream, with chuncks of chocolate truffles generously sprinkled among the rivers of chocolate genache. Heaven in a pint for a chocoholic don't cha know. The best way to eat said HD is to insert into microwave for 30 seconds on High, take out, insert spoon and proceed to eat resulting goop. Sigh with pleasure..... become a more centered, more balanced "your self" again.

You may wonder how ingesting something that has 330 calories per half cup,  68% of your daily requirement of fats, 32% of DI of cholesteral,  and  9 grams of sugar, with a minimal nod to your DI of fiber (Fiber shhhhmiber, I'm sure that is sooo over rated) no traces of vitamins or minerals and hardly even rates a mention for calcium DI....just catching my breath may wonder how that rates as good for you? The secret is so simple it is beautiful.

It's made from ALL NATURAL products. How can that be bad? It can't!!!!!..... ALL NATURAL is good. It's the best, so we have all been told. I chose to believe it in this case...It's ALL NATURAL so it is ALL GOOD! Brilliant!!

Oh yeah.... last we saw the  Cattleman he had gone out to get me some (along with other stuff of course), unfortunately he came back ice creamless.

Umm they didn't have any of your ice cream there.

Thats odd they know I always buy it, I guess they just ran out.

No biggie deal right? Like a duck, it just rolls off.  Fast forward to me going groceries today in the big city, they will have it for sure. They have all that premade stuff coming out their ying yang freezers. But they don't. It's a conspiracy I tells ya, a conspiracy. So I decide to talk to the guy who is stocking the freezer aisle. After pleasantries I get to my point and I ask him what's up with the no Triple Chocolate Haagen Dazs. He replies: I'm not sure about that flavour but they have discontinued a few to make room for new ones. I gasped for Air. New flavours? Discontinued? What???? Sensing my discomfort with this news he decides to "go check" with a manager, could I wait for minute? OOOOh .K. I can wait.

It's official my love for triple chocolate Haagen Dazs is over, it is goooone, never to return. Who needs it anyway? All that cholesterol (even if it's the good cholesterol which I highly doubt) , all that fat, all those calories, all that taste in just one half cup of pleasure.Which makes me wonder: who can eat just a half cup anyway? Who are they kidding with that serving portion? Who alive could make that little wee container go FOUR count em four sittings? Not me, Gandhi couldn't have stopped at a half cup for crying out loud.

One thing is for sure I will NOT be replacing my now discontinued  ice cream for any of the "new" la-tee-da flavours, no sir, not gonna happen, Grey is gonna keep her dignity about this. I'll just do more Yoga to achieve my center, yeah that's it, more yoga or something...

For your listening pleasure

It is supposed to be Spring out there, minus 9 and feeling very un-Spring. (No I have no shame about making up words as I go along, should I?) What is it they say?

Yeah.... hope springs eternal. Not that many would accuse me of being an optimist...

It will happen eventually.

P.S. The Cattleman reminded me of this particular piece, he may look like he just crawled off a Harley or a mountain, but he does have "refined" diverse musical taste.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Light Blogging

When I'm in a cross mood I tend to stay off the blog, the world situation, the 5th federal election (at 330 million dollars a pop and will solve nothing) in 7 years, my breakfast club kids going home, O.K. I'm also a wee bit crazy busy too, it all seems to have put me off my usual bright sunshiny attitude.(No I wasn't being sarcastic there, really) I like to let go of that bad attitude and not memorialize it for all time to haunt (or is taunt) me later.

So we have light blogging... at least until Haggen Daz starts to work it's magic again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Dear MSM

For taking the focus off the dignified response of the Japanese to their circumstances, for neglecting to report almost any story that doesn't have the key words Melt down, Nuclear or radiation, for your shrill hyperventilating fear mongering and for every time I have heard the following phrase: Well "insert name of talking head pretending to show concern but restraining themselves from outright alarm" the next twenty four hours will tell the tale, I offer you the following from the bottom of my wee heart.

Please go Fukushima yourself.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Of Princess Brides and Men folk

There is a whole bunch I do not understand about men. I like men very much, I do not find them all scary or too hairy for my comfort, but they are weird/strange/odd/so very different thinking then us gals and I do not get them what so ever. I been married to one for many a year, not only do I  Love him but somehow have managed to stay "in like" with him all these years, no small feat, I have birthed a few men folk ( also no small feat) and even have a few men as friends, but there are still these things see that I will neeeeever evvvvvvvvvvver understand.

What is it with men and the movies they like? Let us examine The Princess Bride for example, It used to be one of the Cattleman's favorites. ( I may have ruined it for him or he just won't fess up to it any longer. I think he still watches it when I am not home or gone to the summer place) Whhhhaaaat you say? T'is the truth a favorite, men have confessed to me their fondness for this flick. I was blissfully unaware of it's existence until one night, waaaaaaay back in the day, the Cattleman came back from the video store with his very own VHS copy of the Princess bride. It was like  Woo Hoo moment or something......for him,  but I digress.

Great news Honey! I was able to pick up one of my favorite movies at the used rack, your gonna love it, it's a romantic comedy. Of course my feminine ears were all a perky and pleased as punched by this news. But it soon became apparent to me that the Princess Bride is as much a romantic comedy as The Sound of Music is a Nazi great escape type war movie.

Sure it does have a princess, sure it is funny in a way, but any movie that has torture and Marx brother/ Abbott ans Costello level comedy, with a running gags all the way through it are NOT, and I  repeat for emphasis NOT romantic comedies.

Another small thing, why oh why do men remember lines from these hideous movies and insert them into life, into conversations? Going to the mattresses (oops sorry that is from another of my all time despised bore fests) One MILLION dollars,(still wrong movie) I want that Baby in my tummy now (come on now!) Sleeps with the fishes (dang same bore fest) An  offer he couldn't refuse (snap I really hate that movie and this post is NOT about that movie) Pop quiz hot shot...what are ya gonna do! ( I actually like that movie) I wake up in the morning and I pee excellence, (closer now that was supposed to be a comedy)   Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.( there we go, right movie this time) inconceivable!

Why do men do that? We women don't go around inserting dialogue from..say... Moonlighting do we? We don't tell men they are a wolf and bit off their own hand because the wolf in them knew that they had the wrong woman before they were blessed with us, do we? Old man you feed my food to those dogs again and I'll kick ya till your dead. ( I always kinda wanted to say that but haven't had an occasion.) We don't go all Lauren Becall and quote: You know how how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow. Do we Ohhhhhh baby are ya happy to see me or is that a gun in your pocket. (O.K. maybe that one I'll give ya) Do we do this quote thing ladies? No, we do not.  It's just plain weird.

O.K. I'm done now. Carry on. :O)

P.S. I just asked the Cattleman why he loves that movie: Because it's Inconceivable that he wouldn't...oh brother..oh yes he did go here it is Just like Joel ( a straight rip off)  the inconcievable clip.

P.S. Joel this is NOT about you using that clip in your post, really it just touched off something else..entirely different. Really. :O)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Going up to PLUS 12 tomorrow. After the near constant MINUS 20's we have been experiencing the past month or so I just might strip off my parka, slap on the rubber boots and run frolicking through the woods.

Ummmm how does one go about frolicking anyway?

A little something to help perk ya up, he is just so darn sweet:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wanna see what state run health care will get ya?

Thank Goodness we, the anointed superior in all things Universal Health care, do NOT have to mortgage our homes because some petty free market pencil pusher is trying to save some $$$$$.  Not like those crazy 'Mericans.

Oh Wait..

When Torontonian Jill Anzarut, then 34, felt something in her breast, it never occurred to her that it might be cancer. “I had thought a tumour would feel like a wad of gum under my skin,” she said. When she mentioned it to her doctor at a checkup several months later, an ultrasound was ordered. Worried by the results, the doctor sent her to Princess Margaret Hospital’s Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre for a biopsy. Two days later, Ms. Anzarut was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.
Worse, the cancer has a high likelihood of reoccurring if not treated with the drug Herceptin, which can cut the chance of cancer returning in half. But Ontario only provides the drug to those whose tumours have grown to be larger than one centimetre in diameter. Ms. Anzarut, by catching her cancer early, disqualified herself from the best possible treatment. Her appeal for an exemption was rejected on Thursday.

Of course ya know she, nor anyone else for that matter, is allowed, BY LAW, to buy supplementary medical insurance that would cover these sorts of eventualities...

I have a friend that needs two knee replacements, she is only 49,  guidelines for knee replacements due to arthritis in her Province are slated for those who are 60 and over. She is at the bottom of the list as a result, she may well  have to wait 11 years,  raising three children, going to have go on long term disability, she is mortgaging her house to get it done this summer in the US of A.

Thank God we have have free medical care or I'd begin to worry.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pshychedelic Sunday

As in a guy would have to be doing some serious Psychedelic drugs to get rid of a gal for this reason:

Yes I know Joel and Claire have done it already, but most folks I know would have ZERO clue who Joel and Claire they haven't had a chance to see it.  :O)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


About a year ago if I heard the name  Swarovski I would have immediately thought of this:

Swarovski crystals
Today I just might think of this:

Swarovski scope

I've come a long way baby and apparently just part of a growing trend of interest in hunting and hand guns among the fairer sex.

When Gina York married an avid hunter six years ago, she tried going out with him, but said it “just wasn’t fun,” because men “are so serious about getting the buck, getting the prize,” and she didn’t learn the skills she needed to enjoy herself. That all changed last year when she joined DIVA...WOW (Women Outdoors Worldwide), a shooting and hunting group for women only.

“The first clinic I had attended was last fall and I had never shot a shotgun before,” York said. “When you are starting to do some of these shooting sports, it’s very frustrating, and they are very good with support and teaching you the proper way to use your firearms.” On her first big hunt with the Divas, as she calls them, she bagged not one, but two deer. She said the DIVA women were happy and supportive and her family ate the venison she brought home. Her husband, she joked, was “jealous.”

Hunting isn’t just mostly for men anymore. Gina York is just one of the many women flooding the firearms market, including some picking up a hunting rifle for the first time. It may seem surprising to the non-gun-toting women in America, but women are packing heat in increased numbers—for personal defense as well as hunting. The market is focusing on the female demographic in a way it never has before. And it’s working: In addition to buying firearms, more and more women are purchasing accessories made specifically for them, and going out with other female hunters in record numbers.

Of course we can't have or use guns for anything as rude or spiteful as self defense here in Canerder, but we are still allowed to go hunting and such...

Rand Paul, asks those Governmental busy bodies,

 an important question: How come your pro-choice for abortion, but not some much on light bulbs or toilets?


H/T Hot Air

It takes a village

I live on the very edge of  a very small village with a school, community center, church, library, corner store and of course a PUB. My village is about 20 minutes away from what used to be a quaint village, much larger then mine (not hard to do), that has been over run with artsy trendy urbanites getting away from the ratty race of da BIG city, buying up all the great oldy victorian houses and making mcmansions out of them. Property used to be cheap but now that it is "popular" among a certain group land is no longer cheap nor is it recognizable.

Nor are the lovely shops that have been my haven up until now. Now we have the greenie shops, art gallery, handmade bread kneading bowls priced at a real bargain @ $225, do you see the workmanship and lathe work, sanding job, smoooooth as a baby's bottom, he did there?coffee shops/bistro's, the great place to have lunch is now all homey with wonders of gruyere cheese some how morphed into every second recipe, the organic children's toys and clothing shop has replaced the once excellent children's consignment shop. Ladies clothing is now for yachting and the golf club and the food,   that once was soooo plentiful (and cheap) straight from the local farms is all organic, expensive and pretentious. There are even helpful little cards attached to the over priced ingredients that give you recipe ideas and what wine, liquor or Apéritifs from their stock would go best with their meal suggestions.

On the face of things I have No Problem with progress, I don't mind a change of pace and I certainly would need Apéritifs advice should I ever become an Apéritifs kinda family. Obviously these businesses are making money or they would not be there, times they are a changing. I can deal or I can just drive a wee bit further pas de sweat.

Last week we went to the Village to take a few pairs of boots at "the best dang boot repair place" in all of the valley. We are pretty much regulars. That family is genius with leather. While in New Yuppy Ville I spied a new store on the main drag that looked might interesting, so Grey being Grey I wondered on over to see what I could see.  Twas a grainery of sorts, sure it was heavy on the organic , but organic isn't all bad pretension, it had scores of sprouting seeds, they even had dandelion, garlic, Quinoa, Red Quinoa , onion sprout seeds, wheat berries (jackpot!) lots of wonderful flours, baking ingredients, wonderful books on canning, baking breads et all, baking containers, it was a bakers heaven. I was in love....

Yes I am getting to the point of this post right about here: What they didn't have was Durham semolina flour. I have been looking for a good source in bulk of this flour for baking my breads and also for making my home made pastas. So I chatted with the owner and she said she would get back to me, we exchanged e-mail addresses. I was clear: Get the prices for differing quantities and I will put in an order. I left there happy and pleased at my find.  So I wait...and I wait...and I e-mail. I'm busy so I wait some more..

Today was the day to go back to New Yuppy Ville to pick up our boots at "the best dang boot repair place" in all of the valley. While I'm there I went to my new favorite grainery and see whats up with the flour I asked about. Owner all smiles, Yes she remembers me, yes she checked in to the flour for me, yes she never bothered to contact me because the flour only comes in bags of 20 KILOS or more and nobody needs 20 KILOS of Durham Semolina Flour. Giggle giggle.....

Insert visual of blinky eyed Grey right about here.

Ummm I do.

Whatever for? (looks at me as if I sprouted another head)

Baking bread and making my own fresh pasta..

But that's like 45 lbs already it would take forever to use it up. It will go bad. (Patronizingly explaining as if to a four year old)

No not really, I have a large family.

Well if you insist I could call back for the price and see how long it will take for it to come in? (somehow miffed that her physic ability to see my needs was in error)

No I won't insist, I'll get it else where thank you.

It takes a Village to tick me off....

All I can say is "the best dang boot repair place" in all of the valley had better never go out of business or I won't  have reason to turn west on my road again. Sigh...

Friday, March 11, 2011

This could be Heaven or this could be


We are down to counting the number of sleeps on our hands until my Breakfast club kids go home. I worry that we have done enough for them and that their treatment will continue when they are returned. I worry period, they are going back to Africa for crying out loud, not exactly stability central, where they are a minority, a very persecuted minority...I worry indeed.

I look forward to having my home back, more privacy, if there is such an animal in a home with all these folks that live here. At the very least we will be free of government intrusiveness, drop ins and what nots,  whose job it is to make sure the kids are being well taken care of. I know......seems crazy....but it is the price we gotta pay.

One of my own children is already showing signs that they are going to have a very difficult time when the kids leave. Friends ships made, bonds forged, siblings assimilated really, never to be seen again.

I think we may have to take a wee break or perhaps even stop. It is wonderful to be of service to children in need, but my family has to come first and right now I see a child grieving and it hasn't even really started or hit home yet.  I guess they were too young on the previous occasions or maybe they just hit their limit of loss that they are willing to make with their limited understanding. We shall see...... just never know how things  are going to work out do you?

All I know for sure is that part of me will be dancing to have my family, my time and my home to myself  and the other part? Will be on a plane, in the pocket of three little ones that stole pieces of each of us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The League of extra ordinary thugs.

Those violent tea party wait, perhaps the melodramatic ramblings (of an  indoctrinated by the union run  education system) 14 year old ?  Complete with grammatical, punctuation and spwwwelling errors.

Since we know that you are
not smart enough to figure out why this is happening to you we have decided
to make it perfectly clear to you. If you and your goonies feel that it's
necessary to strip the rights of 300,000 people and ruin their lives, making
them unable to feed, clothe, and provide the necessities to their families
and themselves then We Will "get rid of" (in which I mean kill) you. Please
understand that this does not include the heroic Rep. Senator that risked
everything to go aganist what you and your goonies wanted him to do. We feel
that it's worth our lives to do this, because we would be saving the lives
of 300,000 people. Please make your peace with God as soon as possible and
say goodbye to your loved ones we will not wait any longer. YOU WILL DIE!!!!

You be the judge.I think puberty must be a difficult, unstable transition for some unfortunate souls.

Heh...You may ask: GL who are YOU to point out  grammar, punctuation and spwwwwelling eh? You are the Queen of incorrect spwwwweliing, punctuation  and grammar.

My answer is as follows; I accept the crown and wish to thank alllllllll the little people for making this possible. Yi Yi Yi I like you very much.........

H/T Celestial Junk.

57 million channels and nothing to watch

I don't do much T.V.

Something about trying to have a real life and a mind instead of having my life filled up with mindless pap. But today while flipping I came across the most ridiculous channel and my new symbol of the quality of programing on the idiot making box.

Laddies and Lassies I give you the Rotisserie Channel. Yes really..... an ambient channel devoted totally to spinning chicken. For those of you that lament the inability to view such a wonder I have supplied a video that may will induce the unique combination of drooling and calm at the same time.

Monday, March 7, 2011

One more time with feeling....

Just to highlight my contention that Men Are Weird.

They do stuff like this to Friends????

I don't get them......

Feeble tips for fellow strugglers

Note to self:

When a child comes up to you saying; OOOOOOhhh muuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmy I feel sickies, the proper response (apparently for self preservation reasons) is NOT to embrace them and ask how they feel sickies, the proper response is to duck, roll and take cover.......  Just saying.

I find this hard

to swallow

Raise your glass if you fancy a shot of horse semen, a purported "delicacy" that will debut at the  Wildfoods Festivale in Hokitika, New Zealand, in March.

"It is sort of quirky, I suppose," festival organizer Mike Keenan told AOL News, with Kiwi understatement.

"It is the protein of the stallion. It is going to be tastefully done."

Well of course it is, nothing says tasteful like a mug of stallion semen.

Festival organizer Keenan joked that New Zealand's recent international sporting success in rugby league and netball were because of athletes imbibing stallion semen.

"The Kiwi rugby league team and the New Zealand netball team  found [stallion semen] is better than Viagra and has helped their performances very well," he said.

Well there ya go then, makes sense to follow those folks that also believe such superstitious classics as not shaving, showering or changing their underwear during a season because it would be "bad luck".


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Psychedelic Sunday

I  finally gave in and found this on youtube. I've had the Bob Dylan version stuck in my head, which is really odd because according to the Cattleman I lack  the appropriate level of taste to appreciate the nuances Mr. Dylan's capabilities ...I hang my head in shame and feel robbed I am sure  ....on the other hand......Perhaps a good Animal version will fix 'er right up?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sometimes I wonder about that man.

A  conversation that took place in my kitchen:

Cattleman: Your coming up to a mile stone soon.

Grey: What do you mean?

Cattleman: Your ?? TH (ain't gonna tell ya which one) Birthday is just around the corner.

Grey: Oh that...... It's just a number, no biggie.

Cattleman: You want me to throw you a surprise Birthday party? People are asking me or do you just want a quiet dinner type get together?

Insert visual of blinky eyed Grey right here .

Grey: Are you aware of what the definition of  "SURPRISE" is?

Cattleman: Yeah I know, but I thought you should have input it is YOUR  ?? TH (still not saying) Birthday.

Grey:  OOOOOOOO. Kaaaaaaay. Lets just have a huge BBQ for everyone up at the lake when we open up.

Cattleman: Sounds great......I'll let everyone know you don't want a surprise party then....

Grey: You do that.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I from Qweeeebeck eh.....

So I can post this pas de problem: Ya hoser.

Two french guys explain the wonders of free universal 'elt care via Steven Crowder:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me: Just another paranoid anti-gov nut job

No problem with the State knowing your religion right?Maybe not so much...

I have long maintained it is absolutely no business of the Government's what anybody's religious affiliation is.

I took flack for that and my supposedly selfish refusal to complete the long form census. I never put in writing what in time could become (given the flitty nature of govern-mental whimsy) de trop.

Heh ......... regarde SVP.

LONDON — A British court ruled that a couple cannot keep foster children because they are morally opposed to homosexuality because of their faith.

In the ruling February 28 the justices ruled that homosexual rights “should take precedence” over the rights of religious beliefs. The Judges stated that Christian beliefs on sexual ethics may be ‘inimical’ to children, and they implicitly upheld an Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) submission that children risk being ‘infected’ by Christian moral beliefs.


“The Johns are a mild mannered, ordinary Christian couple, yet they may never be able to foster children again. They were willing to love a child regardless of sexual orientation, but not willing to tell a young child that practicing homosexuality was a positive thing,”

It has begun.

For the slooooooooooooow or comprehension deficient, this post is NOT about fostering nor is it about the child protection industry. I myself have absolutely no problem with homosexuals fostering and or adopting from within the system. I do have  HUGE problems with the system, but that is whole new Gordian knot to will be left for a different day. Just to be clear....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ya reap what you sow....

Call me crazy,(and they do) but perhaps the "public institutions of supposed learning's" strict policy of ZERO tolerance for fighting, bullying, any conduct that could be perceived as the least bit threatening  has bred the perfect tolerance to teachers who behave in a perceived threatening manner.....

ATHERTON, Calif. -- A California school teacher was placed on paid administrative leave after he rattled a table to get the attention of his math students, startling an eighth-grade girl who used her cell phone to call police.
Atherton  police SG. Tim Lynch tells the Palo Alto Daily News that officers went to Selby Lane School Tuesday afternoon because of reports a teacher was causing a disturbance.
Heh......I can just imagine the homecomming of the big brave police man that went out on that call.

Hi Honey I'm home.

How was your day at work dear.

Great I saved countless wee innocent children from the dreaded desk rattler, yup we finally got him.

Partner sighing adoringly:   My hero.....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No plain Jane

Today at the tender age of 89 that steamy vixen Jane Russell passed. I will always have wonderful childhood memories of  long winter afternoons watching  her sing, dance, charm and her underrated comic timing on the WNPI afternoon oldies movies.Special time with my grey haired mamma outside of the kitchen.


Feeble tips for fellow strugglers

Note to self:

Try to remember, no matter how busy or distracted you are, when you go outside to shake out children's vomit filled sheets make note of direction of wind.........just saying.....