Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank You Haggen-Dazs!!!!!!

About a year a go a wrote a post lamenting the discontinuation of my Favorite Haggen-Dazs flavour. Twas my favorite treat and I was most disapponited when I could no longer find it anywhere.

In,  a fit of pique,  a rare moment of health related clarity I decide not to replace my addiction, favorite treat with some other flavoured Ice cream.

Now I am not one to use a scale, I have issues with folk`s issues with weight. You are pretty much what you are and I do NOT need a scale to validate me, nor did I want my girls relying on a F#%ing mechanical scale to let them know if they are a healthy weight or not. Folks know if they are too heavy or way to skinny, numbers really have no place in my life. (Funny I have a degree in accounting....wonder what that says about that.....)

However,  and you knew there was gonna be a however or but right,,, Ya knew it right????? I did manage to be weighed for my early physical and I dropped about 8 lbs. Now 8 lbs may not be much, but I am not much, I'm all of 5 foot tall and it seems when you are 5 foot nothing plus a smidgen  8lbs makes a bit of a difference. A difference that I noticed over the summer where my clothes were getting waaay to loose ( had to go out and buy a belt) waaay to baggy and finally (when I was giving those baggy assed skater boys competition in the falling down pants when I move quick department) I gave in and bought a few new things. Shockingly I went down two whole jeans sizes.

Seemingly this is all from no longer eating my favorite chocolate treat. Wow! Who would have thunk it possible that one small adjustment could make such a difference over a years time. Yes I KNOW they say it does, I've heard it tons of times,  just like you have, but I have never had it demonstrated so graphically before.

So thank you Haggen-Dazs. Thank you very much!!!!

And just how does one go about silently celebrating such minor breakthrough in thought. Well of course one goes out and buys their second favorite flavour of HAGGEN-DAZS. What else would any sane person do?

Grab your second favorite Haggen-Dazs flavour and remove top.

Place in microwave and nuke for 46 seconds. Why 46 seconds? Because that my favorite amount of time to nuke ice cream, work with me here.

Take a teaspoon and swoop around the inside of the top of the ice cream container. Eat, repeat until you have made a sizable moat. Saver the flavour.

Now proceed to fridge and remove Smuckers Chocolate sauce and it's best friend Smuckers Caramel sauce. Fill moat with chocolate sauce, pour caramel sauce onto the top and fill divot made from moat filled chocolate sauce.

Reinsert spoon and saver da flavour again. In fact saver the flavour as if it is the last time you are  gonna do this....because it is the last time and I mean it, I am ever gonna do that.

Really it is......I promise myself.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh my Lord love a duck!

Some folks are just too stupid to be bothered with.

Thick like a 2x4.

Sharp as a cotton ball.

Plus one.

Dull as a doorknob.

About as smart as a stick.

Make Maxwell Smart look smooth and intelligent.

Oh you get the idea by now......unfortunately, sadly,  there are moments where I have to put myself in that category.

and that's all I got to say about that.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where have you been all my life?

My new favorite thing in the whole wide world,


I love them!

I have this issue with mouse-lings at the lake the last few years, yes I had them this Spring......yet again, I just didn't feel much like complaining about them...yet again, so I didn't.

Last Autumn  the Cattleman and the boys took a trip to the lake, just to make sure everything was fine and they came home with everything they could grab because they found mice living in the linens. This was not good as they also brought home some of the nasty little critters in those linens . As a result I had this  huge pile and I mean HUGE pile of linens that needed to be washed and then I had to find room for it all in my already overstuffed house.

I was determined that this would NOT happen to me this year or any other year from here on in.  MY solution?


I could put each child's comforter, set of sheets, pillow, pillow cases, their own towel and, I repeat, and  a sleeping blanket in each large SPACE BAG. (and a bounce sheet) They are waiting for each child on their bed....Fan frickin fantastically amazing stuff.

In two bags I was able to do our queen sized Comforter, sheets,  memory foam mattress, five pillows, and padded and feather mattress/ protector..Fan frickin fantastically amazing stuff.

Pop in another one twenty large bath/beach towels! Pas de sweat for my Space bag. .Fan frickin fantastically amazing stuff.

Compact, SAFE, mouse free linens....I am a deliriously happy Mamma!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

End of season

Starting packing up the summer place and I have to tell you it is a job I dread for several very good reasons.

One I hate to see summer disappear, I despise the cold. I know! You would think I would be used it living in Canerder and all.  Mind you I would still come in the Autumn and earlier in the Spring if the place was within reasonable distance of the homestead.

It's beautiful here. There are always places for sale along the river through the hills, we always dream and look at the prices and think "well maybe some day"..................but I know the reason the same gorgeous places go up for sale every few years or so. It's because folks don't take into account the complete and utter isolation in the winter months. The charming winding, twisty turny (yes I know I just made up that word, wanna make something of it?), up and down  roads in Spring and Summer turn into nasty MF'ers at minus 20 and white outs due to northern blowing winds. You would have to be able to fend for yourself,  alllll by your self,  with no outside contact for loooooooong periods of time, or have nerves of steel when driving. I don't think most folks account for the reality of living in the middle of nowhere, they think the view will feed their soul, the charming breezes off the water are so refreshing don't cha know. But the ice , the neck deep snow, the constant howling of the winds off the water. While that has it's own savage barren  beauty?  It can drive you batty if your not used to it.

Sigh...I know deep down I will never "live" full time here. Reality is highly over rated...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chickens stolen from pots

to buy votes.

Dalton McGiunty is looking to get re-elected this October. He knows his rubber is about to meet the road. He is willing to do all he can to change his fate..all he can such as pandering to select groups, bribing them with our money.

That’s all you can say about the Dalton McGuinty Liberals’ plan to give a $10,000 tax credit to companies that hire newcomers to this country.
It is bald-faced pandering to the immigrant vote.
As an immigrant, I can tell them, no one’s fooled.
The Liberals launched their platform Monday at a glitzy rally to party faithful in downtown Toronto.
This item overshadowed everything else.
Thousands of people — young and old — have lost their jobs in recent years. Our manufacturing sector has been decimated, in part due to McGuinty’s disastrous electricity policies.
But this government is going to throw $12 million into a program that will skew the hiring scene for home-grown job seekers.
Imagine this: A company is hiring staff. There are two applicants. One is a young person recently arrived in this country, speaking little English. He or she has no background and no history of working and paying taxes in this country.
The other applicant is a young person who was educated here. Who’s paying taxes. Whose parents paid taxes and who’ve contributed to this community in countless ways. The young person probably has a student debt.
Who’ll get the job? Well, McGuinty’s just given employers 10,000 reasons to hire the newcomer.
This isn’t what immigration to this country is all about.

If you have a problem with this policy? Dalton has already come out and said you are a racist and divisive TEA-PARTY type american immigrant hater. Not what the Liberals are all about at all, they are all that is compassionate, helping your fellow man, giving a hand up,  loving, caring Liberals.

 Remember folks if they give it, they can take it away. Even universal free health care subsidies.

Dalton McGuinty, (a man so evil, even by slimy politician standards, that I am sure he glows in the dark) has allowed the ministry to cancel special diet nutrition subsidies and certainly signed the death warrant for some of our most vulnerable citizens.

The 21-year-old Ottawa man has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease of the muscles that has him confined to a wheelchair with a host of other related ailments, including heart and respiratory problems.

He weighs all of 30 kilograms and requires a special diet, high in nutrition and one that permits him to swallow without choking. He cannot afford to lose weight.

His diet, much of it prepared by his mother, Liliane Robinson, keeps that in check.

He needs round-the-clock care from his mother, with whom he lives in a two-bedroom highrise apartment on Halifax Drive, off Walkley Road.

When he turned 18, Brian qualified for financial help from the Ontario Disability Support Program that included a modest allowance for living expenses and $250 to help pay for the diet.

But the Ministry of Community and Social Services decided - against the recommendations of its own panel of health professionals - that Brandon and other muscular dystrophy sufferers with weight-loss issues will no longer receive the allowance

Yes dear leader, we see and take note.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here!

Today for your listening pleasure a tune/scene that has been flitting in and out of my head for a few days.

A classic tune from a movie that would never, ever get made in today's politically correct  stifle.

I hope you enjoyed that, one of the few "guy" movies that I really appreciated. By far my favorite is the following with the delightful Madeline Khan who knows what it is to be soooooooo tired of playing the games. :O)