Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How does that work?

Can someone explain to me how the temperature can rise 50, yes I said a full 50 degrees and it is still a cold, damp miserable day?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Woman of a certain age....

It's official and it some how is a complete surprise. Go figure.

Went to the Doctor for my first "annual physical" in about five years. I don't do Doctors so well. I think they are in business so I don't want to see them unless I have serious business to take care of. I only go if I have a real health problem or see something coming.

I recently got in touch with the family of my Biological father, I will do a post on that one day I have sisters! :O) Seems my sperm donor died at a relatively young age of some sort of cancer that stays heavy in the family line. So I guessed it was time to talk to my doc and see what this "might" mean for me and my kiddos. Nothing much but it will be noted and an "eye" will be kept out for it.

While I am at the Doctors we do the whole physical thing, stirrups and all. Everything is where it should be and I am healthy as a human can possibly be. While the Doctor probes, pushes , scrapes and what not she asks how I am adjusting to Menopause.

Insert Visual of Blinky eyed Grey right about here.

MENOPAUSE??????? Wthell???????

Doc: Well when was your last cycle?

Grey: Not sure let me think...December........2011.

I reallllly don't keep track any more obviously as this was somewhat of a surprise to me. I have never been one of those women obsessed with their cycle and kept notes on every drip, bump in the road or any of that nonsense. Obliviousness be mine name....

Doc: Yup Menopause....

Grey: I guess I am fine with it then as I hardly noticed, except the occasional power surge that I noticed plenty.

Doc: I guess you are, but let me know if you have issues......

I can feel this is not going to be one of those traumatic, reassess your life, woe is me experiences.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello again!

So here I am back, after about a year of off/ on, off/on

Me thinks I am on again.

Took the time off because Life got scary for a while,

Life got weird,

Life was busy,

Life gave us a miracle,

Life got very personal,

Life became life and intruded on my "reality" and family.

Life became Life and taught me a few things that I should have already known.

Number one: Oh I know this is trite and a cliche but it's soooo true:

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Which in essence means you can't really live or survive intact if you let fear, anxiety take over, plow on sister!

You can't control life, you can only control how you react to it.

I forgot that, I'm ready to start dancing again!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bullying in schools wouldn't be such an issue

if Teachers and Unions didn't model it so darn well.

Greg Pietersma, chairman of eastern Ontario’s Upper Canada District School Board, said that a union steward indicated to one of his high-school principals that the union was encouraging teachers to “shun” colleagues who engaged in voluntary activities. 
Teachers: if your Masters, the union, say no don't do any extra curricular activities then I guess you best  do as your told or else.

Some Ontario teachers are breaking ranks and resuming their participation in school sports teams and clubs, but those who do so are coming under pressure from their peers.
This small group of teachers say they no longer want to hurt their students by withdrawing from extracurricular activities, as advised by the unions representing elementary and high-school teachers working for public school boards.

Educators told The Globe and Mail that as a result, colleagues have put notes in their mailboxes, threatened to shun them and created e-mail addresses where they can anonymously report teachers who give time to school clubs, sports and other activities outside the classroom.

Well bully for them I say, congratulations for having a free thought about you do with your own time.

The sad part is that in Ontario we are a public system, Private schools are almost unaffordable for anyone .

Bring on the voucher system, break a monopoly, give families a choice and cripple a union. After all it's for the children. :O)