Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeble tips for fellow strugglers.

Ladies,  You might begin to think of the "CHANGE" if:

You go out on the deck in just flip flops, PJ's and a sweat shirt (don't hate me because I'm beautiful.) at 6 am to have a quiet coffee and cigarette before the kiddos get up and you are shocked, shocked I tells ya, to learn that is MINUS 11 degrees and not PLUS 11 degrees.

I'm just saying.....

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's a girl!

Just as I suspected she said with a self satisfied smile. :O)

Mother, daughter and even the Daddy are doing well.

I am truly blessed.

No name yet as she doesn't look like any name they had picked, ah...... she's putting them in their place already.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now why did you have to go and say that?

The Cattleman and his brother are going away this weekend to San Francisco. A once in a life time birthday Present for their 70 year old father. Have tickets for the 49er's game and the Oakland Raiders game, A hockey game on Friday, I think it is san Jose. Trip has been planned for over a year, all paid for,  So Grand Baby or no Grand Baby the trip is on.

Which is actually NOT a problem for me. The only NFL trip this year for the guys, so go nuts and enjoy your tailgating, dress up games and see when you get back.

What does bother me?

A conversation heard in our bedroom sometime last night.

Cattleman: Grey I just wanted you to know that I bought a present for the new baby.

Grey (That would be moi): O.K. .....

Cattleman: I put in the closet behind the other presents we have wrapped.

Grey: O.K.......

Cattleman: I just want her know that I thought of her before I went on this trip.

Insert visual of blink eyed grey here:

Grey ( still moi) : I don't follow....

Cattleman: I just wanted her to have something just from me and to know that I loved her and thought of her before she was even born.

Grey: WTHoodles are you yapping about? Did you have some weird dream message?

Cattleman: No! You just never know (He's not that crazy about flying) and it's important that I know she ( I have the cattleman convinced it's a girl) knows how I feel about her.

Grey: I have never worried about you once when you go on these trips....

What men understand about women can be written on the head of a pin and still leave room for the fairies to dance on it....

One more sleep.

Tomorrow my daughter is scheduled (C-Section) to give birth to my second Grand Baby.

She can hardly wait, : Get it out now is her wish, as is for so many of us ladies at the end.

Enjoy yourself, I keep saying,  once she's ( I think it's another girl) out you'll look longingly back on these nights of sleep.

Good luck! I can't wait to meet her, we love her already and if she's anything like her Mamma, she's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things that kinda concern me

or even more feeble tips for fellow strugglers.

There is a full fledged fire in my oven and it still has 2 and 3/4 hours left to go before the self cleaning cycle is over and I can open the door.

Cattleman says not to worry as these ovens are built to take the heat pas de sweat......

Ooooooo Kaaay, but just in case I will bring in the extra fire extinguishers to the kitchen, not that it will help much,  the dang dong oven door will not open for anything for another 2 hours and slightly less then 3/4 hours. But I'll guard it just in case....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pardonnez moi SVP

Somehow my E-mail system was hijacked and all my contacts received some nasty links. These links according  to Andy the Chicken, my fine geeky, computer literate friend, originate from Saudi Arabia and Russia.

So sorry if you followed it you are now among the hijacked and spam passer.

Apparently the fix is very simple just change your password.

Once again, I am not psychic, I have no inside knowledge/intelligence of your equipment and possible failure or diminutive size ratio. Your secrets are still yours.....

You all have a good day now...:O)