Monday, May 30, 2011

A day to celebrate.

Today the Cattleman started back on days.

All the children had someplace to be and I, wonder of wonders, had HOURS all to myself. It was tres strange and tres wonderful. I thought about all the house work I could get done with no little feet underneath, all the laundry I could get finished, the sewing pile, the baking, the bread, the cooking, the everything that was waiting for me.

I did none of it.

I feel so deliciously decadent, I took a bath with out a single interruption, even brought a book in with me while Calgon took me way. I toweled  off and then hopped into the van and drove to the "bestest" chip wagon (with in twenty or so miles) and ate greasy fries with malt vinegar and sea salt. I got to eat allllll I wanted, while it was still hot, can you imagine, and didn't share a single one, not even with the dogs. When the phone rang I *gasp* chose not to answer it. Did you know that was even an option???? Who knew that?

 I feel great......I hope you all had a great day today too...tomorrow back to the real world and I'm ok with that.


Very busy weekend around here.

Number One son, the car mechanic, came over yesterday to tune up our vehicles, change some tires from winter to summer, replace the Cattleman's brakes. He of course brought his 5 year lady love with for dinner and they announced:  Finally he proposed to her and he is going to make an honest woman of her next summer. Great news!  We love her and can't wait to see her officially become part of the family. Not that there was ever any question of her qualifications on acceptance in this crazy family, her family is, dare I say, even weirder (to us) then we are, still she is a gem.

Number two son, the one I used to stay up at night and worry about has made giant leaps in maturity (losing the woman of your dreams because you act like a dickhead periodically can do that don't cha know) has started a business and already he has folks standing in line looking to get him to work for them. He is definitely one of those types that has issues taking orders from others and needs to be the boss. I wonder where he gets that from she asks innocently......I am so proud of his complete turn around the last 6 months.

Oldest daughter found out she is walking in her mother's footsteps and having Irish twins. Don't know what Irish twins are? Irish twins are when you have two babies in the space of one year. Apparently we of Irish ( yes I know I usually tout my crazy Welsh side but me Da was Irish) lineage are famous for this....I think I will have a serious talk with her about how their method of birth control does not actually work for them and need to reconsider other methods...Ya think? Still not super excited by Senor Super Sperm, but then I'm not the one he has to please.  I still maintain that if he was just a friend of one of my boys I would be like him just fine...still a boy, not yet a man.....I know the Cattleman is still hoping that SSS will fall off the face of the planet if he ignores him long enough, better to revise that strategy honey! Apparently not gonna happen.   :O)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Conversation over the phone this morning.

Older Daughter: Mom? Does  that bed you bought for me in my room  have to stay at your house or is it mine and I can use it here?

Grey (that would be moi) : Well let me see now, have you ever taken your bed with you when you did sleep overs before?

Older Daughter: Ummmmm noooooooo.......

Grey ( moi again); Then I guess it stays here then.

Older Daughter (puffing out a loud breath): Fine...I gotta ya later.

Grey (still moi): Yup ya.

This conversation results in this song  racing round me head, not that the song really fits the circumstances to a "T" .  But this particular brain on this particular day doesn't know any better. Tis stuck on repeat.....Silly old brain. :O)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Parenting is not a popularity race, I have to keep reminding myself that I need to let them go and let the cosmos work on some of my adult (ish) children.

It is very hard to watch them make mistakes that can have lifelong repercussions.  I still have to force myself  let go and let them make those mistakes. But I don't want to........she says stamping her little size five feet.

No Grey to the rescue, no Cattleman to the rescue, no interfering...Ouch this is against my basic controlling nature, it's killing me inside..but my hands, not my heart are now off. Sink or swim my child,  we will always  love ya.....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My old Welsh Granny used to say

If you don't have anything nice to say......keep it behind your teeth.

Now that is sage advice for navigating at the office or a family get together. But when it comes to blogging? Ummmmm not so much.  Apparently that leaves with Grey (that would be moi) not much to write about.

This past week or so has been a self imposed test of my blogging broadcasting system. Dang.............. I'm a negative Nellie...who knew? You did?

Well I tried and I kept to it and I this post is not a betrayal of that mission;

I'm at the lake, sitting in my very own easy bake oven, ( our summer place) in shorts, after 12 days straight of cold ( 13/15 degree days) Rain rain rain rain rain and then some more grey cold days of rain. The sun shone, the kids were able to play at the water's edge, we hiked on forest's paths, we felt the warmth and joy of sunshine on our faces. It is miraculous, wonderful, beautiful, perfect day. Yes there are lots of black flies and scitters nibbling on our noses, but it was not Jack frost and I'm good with that. :O)

Praise the Lord and pass the Calamine....Let the fun  living outdoors begin!

I have pictures, but no USB cable for the camera with me....Oh and that self imposed silence of the cranky? Over, I am what I am...and frankly, I'm good with that too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quarantine has left the building!!!

As of Monday the quarantine on our home has been lifted!

Yippee we are human beings worthy of interaction again.

Took us a while to convince the medical officials that the Cattleman did not have T.B. He's from Quebec, everyone tests positive for TB.

What a mess we are in, the washing machine broke on day two  and because of the Cattleman's condition we could not in all good conscience get a repairman in to fix it. I feel like I am drowning in  laundry. You have no idea how much laundry a family this size can generate, it's a lot. Like really a looooooooooot.

Good news is my eldest  daughter  is coming to stay for a few days her sole reason is to let us soak up the missed grand baby scents and to get the laundry to a manageable level.

Sending the Cattleman off for the weekend to open up our summer place. He can rest, be the lone combatant of the mouse wars on behalf of his queen, (that would be moi) clean up any mousy intruder's evidence, get the place up and running at his leisure.

Here I have put out a call to family that we require their presence to get the place ship shape. You know all those spring jobs, landscaping, mowing, fence fixing,  tree removal issues that come up every spring??? Ya all those kinda jobs.

My plan is to have it all done when he comes home. Surprise, several items off your list honey...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song stuck in my head

I'm hoping I can drop it here and then finally pack it in for the night.


I'm a  wee bit confused as to why  this rendition is stuck in my head, as the announcement that Buddy Guy was going to be jamming (within 100 kms of me) this summer that brought this song to mind in the first place.

Insert visual of blinky eyed Grey here...The brain is a powerful thing to waste....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The False Majority

Grrrrr Will this election ever really end? Will the spin ever really end?

I think not.

Lets take Elizabeth May for example. The Darling of the Greens who got their very first seat in the house.

Elizabeth won the Saanich - Gulf Island riding with 46.25% of the vote. That means that 53.74% of the people didn't want her to be their faithful ruler representative. But we have first past the post and the reality is she is legally able to disgrace  Parliament at her leisure.

But Ms. May is not happy taking her ill gotten gains and be done with it, No not our ballsy gal, she rejects the Conservative Majority on the grounds that they did not get over 50% of the popular vote:

May said she was disappointed by what she called the Conservatives' false majority, and vowed to fight for electoral change.
As a matter of fact I just caught Ms. May on T.V. spouting the same ridiculous argument how unfair it was and it needed to be changed to proportional representation or some such nonsense. Which means that individuals that NOBODY actually voted for would get to sit in the house. Her theory is since her party got 3% of the votes nationally she should have 3% of the seats in the house. Sweet forcing folks to accept people that even their locals realized weren't ready for prime time and rejected. . Of course we only hear this kinda of nonsense when folks don't get what they think they are entitled to. 

She said: "I will never shrink from speaking truth to power, nor will I embrace the politics of spin.

How about this Lizzy? Put your principles where your mouth is and resign your seat because you did NOT get the majority of votes in your riding. Your riding win is a  "false win" using your logic. Ms. May if you had one once of self respect, or actually believed that tripe you spout you would quit in protest. Ms. May, be a shinning example to the multitudes,  Don't be a hypocrite, just quit.

You got this politics and spin thing down pretty good already don't ya girl friend?

Let me know when it's really over.....

Oddly no news reports

about the spontaneous discombobulations or heads exploding  (although I thought Craig Oliver was gonna cry or his eye was going to fall out at one point) upon learning that  those right wing nutbars are taking over the world..insert maniacal laugh track here.

Jeepers what a bunch of maroons...

Listen up ladies they are not going to take away your right to flush your children dans la toilet , you will not be denied the vote or equal opportunity to slave so you can pay taxes, they are not gonna have soldiers on the streets, in your town, yup right here in good ole Canerder policing your every thought and move, ( Why bother that has been done already by Trudeau, may he rot in hell, the Progressive Superior Liberal leader, that's just so 70's don't cha think?) they are not going to all of a sudden be handing out hand guns to every Tom, Dick and Henrietta so your women/children can be raped and subjugated to their will.

And do you wanna know why?

Because they are POLITICIANS and all POLITICIANS live to rule another day, they don't need to enslave you because they have already done it and they don't think short term, they think loooooooooooooooooong term, as in a dynasty at the trough loooooooooong term.

Just in case you haven't noticed, tomorrow the sun will rise...again as par usual and then suddenly there will come another tomorrow and a thousand tomorrows after that in which these scary, hidden agenda, right wing. knuckle dragging, climate disruption deniers will again have to face you the electorate. Gonna happen pretty much like clock work.You will have anotherr chance to pick your (and mine by extension) rulers.

Ya you, the Bozos that think that democracy is a fair and just system so you can force your wishes upon others who aren't interested in being foisted upon (well it's for the good of the children or the betterment of society as a whole)...well fair and just until ya all lose..then its all bets are are off....I have babies with more sophisticated thought process for goodness sakes...

I blame Bush. Lets all blame bush.

Now go forth and have a nice day.