Monday, October 24, 2011

Life is good

It's  been a few weeks since I last posted, but all is  well here.

Life is very busy and life is very good. Seems ever since the Cattleman "scare" almost nothing can rattle me, I'm just plain happy and optimistic. Yes I know whole swaths of life stink, but my ability to be outraged and too too concerned as been hampered by my utter joy and peace in the life I live.

It's disgusting really...........

Had three new arrivals of my Breakfast Club Kids. There are supposed to be siblings, but who knows. In Africa everybody is "related and brothers and sisters" to everybody. Which begs the question of how they can be so bloody brutal to each other. Add that to the list of Things Grey  will never understand.

I was originally told to expect some returning children who were in bad shape again, I prepared for their return and the anticipated problems and then all of a sudden bammo three newbies showed up. The baby is hydrocephalus and required a brain shunt to drain the excess liquid. Done and recovering nicely thank you. As usual a whirl wind of appointments and careful watching to make sure we aren't over looking anything. One of these little folks  needs some plastic surgery for a facial deformity, some braces afterwards to get their teeth back in proper line. The bad luck "monster" that no  one wanted to touch will be gone and a child will be in it's place. The third one is surprisingly normal and except for relatively minor dental issues in very good health. Which means that there is probably something that we are missing...that just does not happen. :O)

I should have these kids for about 6 more months or so to make sure they are medically sound, do as much rehabbing of the baby as possible, occupational therapy and lets see if we can bring him out of his fog into this world and moving about in it....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holder lied and people died...

More fast and furious,

Attorney General lied under oath (shocker isn't it?), his excuse? He gets memos alll the time, who has time to read them? Like do his job?

Ignorance may be bliss for some folks but for us common folks ignorance of the "law" or situation is no excuse...stupid sheeple only you have to do everything right or else pay the price.....