Friday, October 29, 2010

Your free to go Mr. Chen.

An update on our Vigilante grocer David Chen:

Amid cheers from Toronto's Chinese-Canadian community, a beaming David Chen stepped out of court a free man – but just barely.
Asked how shopkeepers should handle thieves, however, Mr. Chen clearly drew on what he learned from his brush with the criminal justice system.

“The advice is, be careful, call the police early, as soon as possible,” he said through Ms. Chow, who interpreted for him amid a crush of reporters on the courthouse steps.

Exactly......Mr. Chen has learned his lesson now, don't do for yourself what the only ones are paid not to bother doing. The process is the real punishment, the real point of this expensive taxpayer funded exercise was not to actually incarcerate the uppity Mr. Chen, it was to send a message to him and others not to over reach themselves and take care of business like grown free men and women should. Be reliant, be passive, be sheep and you will not be publicly dragged through such an ordeal, you will not have your reputation discussed and ripped to shreds (allegedly) by the police, the prosecution team or the sniveling MSM, you will not have to dig deep into your own pocket to defend yourself from the endlessly deep pockets of the Prosecution grinding machine.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes I am alive

I'm not dead, nor is anyone else here, thank goodness.

I just haven't had a moment to do much but deal with what is going on here. 

One of my Breakfast club children is from Darfur, he is suffering from  PTS. He was hunted by machete wielding gangs who slaughtered almost his whole village before his eyes, he escaped by hiding in the top of a very tall tree. He is all of 8 years old. I fear I am going to fail to be of real help in the time I have with him. I can only hope we have the right professionals for him.

I will be back when  things settle down and I have time to read and think again. Some sleep might help.  :O)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lice, why'd it have to be lice

I hate lice..

So I have been working the de-licing (or is it de-lousing?) assembly line and oddly enough every time I think of lice it reminds me of one Jimmy Hendrix.  I once read in an biography that when he died he had 52 different species of lice residing in his hair....Ewwwww. I can't  tell ya anything else about that book, the name of author or the  title, but I will never forget those dang 52 species of lice. So I was nit picking , combing, shampooing  away while rocking it out Hendrix in my mind.

I have to go do my own hair now, something about being around a bunch of heads full of lice makes my head itch, real or imagined I'm taking care of business. Wonder how many varieties of lice he had when he played this?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Officer Bubbles rides again...

Some folks just don't know how to let something go, officer bubbles claims You tube and some cartoonist  used Mr. "If one of your bubbles touches me I will charge you with assault" as a blueprint for a series of "defaming, libelous" cartoons.

He is of course suing youtube, the cartoonists and anonymous posters who responded....yup that will help your quest to be taken seriously again....sir....officer sir.

Spotty at best

Just a little note to let all my 2 and a 1/2 regular readers know that my posting will be "spotty at best" for the next little while. We just received a group of kids from the  "Breakfast club".  The last few days have been a whirl wind of appointments, arranging appropriate clothing and getting to know you. The next few weeks are going to look pretty much the same, one of the new children is in some bad shape and the rest are in culture shock.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Incredibly there has been a rash of sightings of RATS in the park across from City Hall. No kidding, I imagine some really large ones can be found frequenting the park around the lunch hour.

In response the NCC has made the brilliant decision to lay out poison to rid of the pests.

The NCC, which is responsible for Confederation Park, initially tasked its groundskeepers with clearing out the rats. When the rodent population continued to rise, it hired a company in September to install eight poison bait stations in fenced-off areas. The hope is that once a rat eats the bait, it falls ill and crawls back into its nest to die. The carcass then poisons neighbouring rats.

Already there are reports of dead birds, chipmunks, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, ground hogs, cats. What were they thinking???

Surely even buracrats with our bottmless wallets and their limitless superior knowledge could have come up with something better then this?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lord love a duck!

Ya buy one little wooden plate with pithy words of wisdom on it as a decor item and the hubby decides you must love anything that even remotely resembles the damn thing. Other friends and family see these things multiply due to his charmingly misguided efforts and before ya know it, it's the thing to buy for Grey because gosh darn she has so many of the things, SHE MUST LOVE THEM.

All of a sudden a impulse buy is an invitation to family and friends to fuel a full fledged involuntary collection...sheesh who knew?

All I can say is thank goodness I didn't buy that primitive hand carved giraffe, (that for about 2 whole seconds) I thought was kinda interesting .....

I swear they just make this sh*t up

according to their feelings on the topic. Strike a blow for freedom and the sheeple, another decision by an unelected, unaccountable, position for life Supreme court "judges".

No right to counsel during interrogation: top court

Police are winning the unceasing war over the rights of suspected criminals on a major battleground – the Supreme Court of Canada.

In a ruling full of friction between a bare majority of judges wanting to avoid hampering officers in their work and a minority fighting for the rights of the accused, the court said on Friday that while suspects have a right to consult a lawyer and to be informed of that right, they don’t have a right to legal counsel while they are being interrogated.

Well thats crystal clear ain't it? You have the right to talk to a lawyer, but you do not have a right to have that lawyer in the room with you after initial contact and have the benefit of the advice of said lawyer during interrogation. Lawyers are now effectively barred from the interrogation room. My that will work well now won't it? In dissent of that SC decision:

Judge Binnie said that expecting a defense lawyer to effectively advise a client who is shut away in an interrogation room is the equivalent of playing him a phone message that states: “You have reached counsel. Keep your mouth shut. Press one to repeat this message.”

No kidding, still think  the government or Supreme court has your best interest in mind with these kind of edicts?

H/T Cha-cha

Want to see what state run Health Care will get ya?

It's always comforting when one lets their betters, bureaucrats with your best interests in mind, instead of capitalist dogs, make these Health care decisions. I mean what could go wrong?

This Saturday, one of Greece’s most respected newspapers, To Vima, reported that the nation’s largest government health insurance provider would no longer pay for special footwear for  Diabetes Patients.  Amputation is cheaper, says the Benefits Division of the state insurance provider.

Friday, October 8, 2010

This Thanksgiving weekend

For the first time in a long time we are not having Thanksgiving dinner at our home.

Going to the old homestead that my hubby's family received from "THE CROWN" for kicking ass in the war of 1812, sorry for my American friends if that seems a tad insensitive :O) But to me is wondrous to have those sorts of  long roots. For 200 hundred years the Cattleman's family have fought and worked with the land to provide for and nurture a family.  I am thankful I did not live in those days. Life was harder then I can even begin to imagine if the tall tales told at the fire are half true..

I love it there in the Hills the locals call mountains, the raw beauty of my home province sings to me every time I go back. It would have been heaven on earth  if we could have made a go of it there. The house beside the lake, so charming in it's antiquity, the sound of the geese flying south, the loons, the deer, the hunters trespassing trying to tag our deer, the maple trees so beautiful in their fall spender waiting for the spring to be tapped again....

It will hurt to go and not stay, like leaving an old lover, it still owns part of me, always will, but a wonderful life goes on elsewhere.

My hope is that this thanksgiving you have and continue to make new memories that  keep your soul warm. That you have  family that accepts you with grace, with open  forgiving hearts and arms, with laughter and true joy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are the Government

We are here to save you:

“Vigilante grocer” David Chen should have stayed behind the counter and not tackled the career criminal, crack addict who had stolen from him, the Crown says.

Chen used excessive force in beating,(came out in trial the "victim's" thumb was hurt during take down.) tying up and throwing the petty thief into the back of a van, the prosecution states in a court document obtained by the Sun.

“Citizens no longer have a legal duty to apprehend felons pursuant to ‘hue and cry.’ Instead, we rely on and expect the police to fulfil their statutory duty to enforce the law and frown upon citizens pursuing ‘vigilante’ justice,” states the Crown in written arguments opposing Chen’s constitutional challenge of the powers of citizen’s arrest.

The message is clear do NOT do for yourself what the tax eaters are paid to do, they are increasingly the "only ones" with rights. you have a right to wait for them to show up like over glorified ineffectual Molly Maids.

For those of you not familiar with the case, here’s a capsule summary: Chen runs a small grocery store called the Lucky Moose Food Mart in Toronto’s Chinatown. In May 2009 a local thief, who had shoplifted some plants earlier in the day, returned to the store. Chen recognized him, gave chase, and — with some help — bundled him into the back of a van while police were called. Rather than thank him for his civic-mindedness, the cops charged Chen with assault and unlawful confinement while the thief got a reduced sentence after agreeing to testify against him.

And an analysis if the situation I tend to agree with:

Prosecutors in this case are demonstrating how detached the criminal-justice establishment has become from the citizenry. They are showing how deep the divide is between the elites and ordinary Canadians.

Rather than being our voices and surrogates -- which is what they are supposed to be -- they have become participants in a social experiment. Police brass, prosecutors, judges and jailors are no longer our guardians, but rather now see themselves as guardians of "the system." And since ordinary citizens' discontent with the system can be as big a threat to it as petty thieves like Anthony Bennett, we the people are just as likely to feel the wrath of prosecutors as are the Bennetts of the world.

Two weeks ago in an Ottawa court a "uncle" was sentenced after being convicted of sexually molesting his niece over a period of three years, the abused ceased when the niece was 15 and finally told her family.

His sentence for her three years in hell and the over 1 and 1/2 years wait to trial where he was out on bail? 30 days, to take place on weekends only, 18 months probation and his name on a sex registry that no one but the police can access. (wow that'll learn them eh?)

And what did my daughter's friend and family learn form this whole episode? Why the hell did they even bother to put their brave child thru this further abuse by the system? No one associated with this family has much faith in the system, nor should they, people become fatigued trying to pretend that there is any form of justice in this country.

They call this clerk a vigilante? I am surprised there has not been a serious case of vigilante justice in Canada. They, the "only ones" have no idea of the simmering anger of the population and  the injustice system is setting the stage.......

Found it....

Promise this is the last 10:10 related post.

Downfall parody:

Via The boiling Frog

This debacle is not going away anytime soon, poor babies....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Move over Hitler parody

come on you knew it was coming the moment ya saw the original didn't cha?

I have to say I am just as comfortable about this message as I was with the original...but apparently some folks just can't let a good old fashioned blowing up of humans to go to waste with out adding in their two cents.

In fact I have seen a Hitler parody of the directer getting the news of the films reception and pull down. It was funny but it also has been shut down..........

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The opposite of diversity of thought and opinion.

A very articulate young lady and fellow protesters arrested in Ottawa for  peaceful antiabortion protest.

Congratulations to these young people for handling themselves so well, with dignity and quietly sticking with their rights against intimidation of the University and the hard working police officers who risk our lives every day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Children need no help being cruel

This is an intersting take, which I happen to agree with, on the 10:10 mini-movie:

Our reaction is irrelevant. They are not talking to us. They are talking to our children.

What are they saying? That it’s okay to ostracize, bully and dismiss those who don’t agree that climate change is uber alles (Oops! Godwin alert, Godwin alert) and that skeptics or the children of skeptics are fair game for… whatever.
As there is no real attempt at humour in the video, there’s no point in pretending it’s a parody. It’s instructional. It’s not even aimed at helping children work towards reducing emissions. It’s about helping children take aim at those who do not.

Except for the kids who will be downloading that video tonight. Both William Golding (Lord of the Flies) and J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan) knew full well that children need no help in being cruel. But this gives them license and legitimacy.

More here

Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally some truth in propaganda.....

from the global warming, climate change, Global weather disruption cult,

Warning there is blood, perhaps best to view the first time away from the critters.

No pressure:

Freud was a slippery customer wasn't he?

Update: 10:10 has removed the "mini-movie" from it's website and from youtube perhaps due to misunderstood/misguided backlash.

The bastardization of the fable of Democracy,

continues unabated, the "expand democracy by giving up tacky destructive, selfish individualism to the collective good of democracy" via the Globe and Mail.

"Solidarity is essential in democratic societies; otherwise, they fall apart ..."

Many view the development of an individualistic outlook as the greatest threat to solidarity. But this is closely linked to a diminishing sense of common identity.

Actually I blame this on government pandering to special interest groups, they have made a power grabbing point of dividing the Community into so many special interest groups, pitting their needs against others all the while touting that they are the "only" way the situation can be rectified. The people have allowed themselves to be divided into sooo many groups that they owe their meaningless numbers, rights and identities to TPTB. In short they have been divided and conquered.

"... increasing individualism - a focus on one's own ambitions and economic prosperity - in many countries poses a stubborn obstacle to realizing this vision. Indeed, the utter lack of a sense of solidarity among so many people - horrifyingly evident in the U. S. health-care debate - is undermining the very basis of what a modern democratic society is."

Well bless my britches, I thought that was what the fable of democracy was based on, the individual gets to vote for the Politician  they think works best for them and most closely allies itself to their views??????? Silly silly little ole moi.  More you gotta bow down, give up your individualism for that mystical magic piece of airy fairy feces laden piece of propaganda called the "Greater Good".

Fanatical adherents of any religion like our dear Comrade Taylor are scary indeed.