Sunday, March 17, 2013

Damn you John Denver!

Never was a "fan", hard to understand why this is the song stuck in me head today. (except, you know, the sun shining for a change....)

Looking on the bright side I guess it could have been Olivia Newton John and Mr. Travolta sashaying and bouncing around up there...shudder.

carry on then.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thank God for those strict Gun laws

 or this could have gotten right outta hand:
On Monday afternoon, Watkins was changing his daughter's diaper in his minivan near 65th and Maryland when a gunman opened fire. Both Watkins and his 6-month-old baby were hit by bullets. Jonylah died the next day after doctors struggled for hours to try to save her life.
Baby hit with 5 bullets. Dear Daddy is a gang member, but lets all focus folks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Only in Canerder you say?

Or perhaps a first class Banana republic:

Only  here could we have the offspring of the worst freedom loving Prime Minister in Canadian history challenging that same Prime minister's Mistress and bearer of illegitimate daughter for the leadership of a National Party.

Who knew that just sitting on Pierre's lap could be a career opportunity?

One of these could be your new ruler..... pity.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It happens to all of us

still it's a dam shame.

This morning we feature two artists that inhabited two extremes of the music spectrum.

Stompin' Tom ( 77) probably best known for this wee ditty:

But every good Canadian knows he was so much more.

Pretty sure me Dad and Tom are sharing a quart right about now.

Alvin Lee, (68) a wizard,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The "Only ones" in action again

But if parents did this their children would be taken away for abuse,

Jmyha Rickman was hauled in the back of a police squad car. Her guardian said she was treated like a criminal, all 70 lbs. of the young girl.
Rickman’s ordeal began at Love Joy Elementary School late Tuesday morning when she apparently had a bad tantrum.
At some point, school officials called the Alton Police to handle the situation.
Rickman said her hands were cuffed behind her back and the police would not allow her to get her coat.
“Her eyes were swollen from her crying and her wrists had welts on them,” said Rickman’s guardian, “They cuffed her feet too and she asked to use the restroom several times and was ignored.”

I thought teachers and the system were "trained" professionals and that is why are kids are better off in their care then at home. Even they know their propaganda is a fairy tale . Notice the school didn't call the Parents? They called the police. Asshats.

Police are your friend don't cha know......

My lord love a duck

My dearest Cattleman,

When I lay down for the night and have you by my side I feel safe in this crazy world, I feel calm, I gather strength from you and know we will always together.

Until you start that infernal snoring, then I plot ways to get one of the children to move out so I can have their room.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Men around the world cheered

Finally a study most of man kind can get behind:

A team of neurologists found that sexual activity can lead to “partial or complete relief” of head pain in some migraines.
The study, from the University of Munster, Germany, suggests that instead of using a sore head as an excuse to refuse sex, making love can be more effective than taking painkillers.
Wow!!!!!!! Do ya think it might have anything to do with those endorphine thingys we humans get from any sustained physical activity?

They suggested that sex triggered the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, through the central nervous system, which can in turn reduce, or even eliminate, a headache.

No kiddin eh? Who saw that coming?

Canada feels your pain

Domestic violence is NEVER funny:

Man smashes plate over boyfriend’s face after he refuses to stop listening to Alanis Morissette

and we understand, that's why we gave her to you.

Bullying wouldn't be such an issue in Schools

 if administration and teachers didn't model it so darn well:
The student grappled the gun away from the 15-year-old suspect on the bus ride home Tuesday after witnesses say he aimed the weapon point blank at another student and threatened to shoot him.
Disarm a would be killer, save a life, get suspended.
According to the referral, he was suspended for being part of an "incident" where a weapon was present and given an "emergency suspension."
Stupid children, wait for the "authorities" to come clean the mess after the trigger is pulled. Be verrrrrrry afraid to think or do anything for your self. This  is  sheeple training 101.

save someone one day and next your just:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Please don't feed the hungry

Because we are the government and we will save them from a terrible fate.

“The Dept. of Health and Hospitals ordered the staff at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission to throw 1,600 pounds of donated venison in garbage bins — and then ordered then to douse the meat with Clorox — so other animals would not eat the meat,” the Fox report notes.

Again, just so we’re all on the same page, that’s 1,600 pounds of venison.

“Deer meat is not permitted to be served in a shelter, restaurant or any other public eating establishment in Louisiana,” a Health Dept. official said in an email to Fox News.

“While we applaud the good intentions of the hunters who donated this meat, we must protect the people who eat at the Rescue Mission, and we cannot allow a potentially serious health threat to endanger the public,” the statement adds.

 The meat had been donated from a group called Hunters for the Hungry. They are rightfully outraged, as is the Mission staff who have been serving deer meat for years.

Crazy people or citiots or borg like adherents do shit like this..What the Hell?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feeble tips for fellow strugglers

Or better to do a job right then quickly.

Note to self, when putting honey in the Microwave to re-liquefy one should check to make sure the top is popped off, much less explosive and cleaner that way .... Just saying.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lord love a duck

Someone must be able to answer this question.

Why is it that men think they need retina eye scan level security clearance to open a dishwasher, yet at the same time don't get that they need it to take Tupperware and cutlery out of this house?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It happens to all of us

to all of us eventually but it is still a damn shame.

In memory of  Otis Damon Harris, lead singer of Temptations,

Brings back Memories of my childhood, My Mamma loved and listened to this allllll the time.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It at first you don't succeed

Try, try again:

Sore throat child from yesterday obviously was consumed with her ice cream mission.

She woke up sometime during the night and ate half a tub of chocolate brownie fudge ripple. She might have gotten away with it except she fell asleep on the couch with the tub on her lap, face smeared with evidence.

Yup a real criminal mastermind that one.

When I found her I wasn't sure if I was damn proud of her perseverance or P.O.'d at her sneakiness...

I've decided a combination of both is fully appropriate in this case.  I am surprised she isn't sick from eating that much, but currently am looking for ways to get her to stop bouncing off the ceiling and walls ( of her room) from all that sugar....

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'll get right on that

Apparently I am the worst Mamma in the whooole wiiiiiide woooooooorld because I don't understand that Ice cream is the perfect breakfast for a child with a sore throat....

I really hate that phase between sick and better, don't you?

Patience, Grey, Patience......

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

I took the kiddos to the local outdoor rink today.....


Now I don't like the cold much and standing or slipping around in a minus 23 wind is not my idea of fun. However I had visions of tired, happy kiddos sleeping soundly tonight dancing in my head, damned if I was going to be the one to call it a day.  I am Mama, hear me roar, I can take it, I've given birth for crying out loud what's a wee arctic freeze breeze compared to that?.

Heh they dropped like flies,

One of the kiddos: Mom, is there going to be hot chocolate when we get back.

Grey ( That would be me): Sure is

Kiddo :I'm getting cold.

Another Kiddo: I'm getting tired of falling down and I gotta pee.

Grey ( with relief and happiness seeping into my frozen regions) : Does that mean we all agree to cut this short and go home. Kinda a shame to leave already......

Kiddo: Mom I think my socks are the only thing keeping my toes on my feet.

Grey  (again me, doing a mental jig at how easy I am getting let off on this polar experience): Well then that settles it, we can't have parts falling off.  Hot chocolate and muffins for  everyone!.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

obligatory Valentines post

After all these years, still crazy about the Cattleman. When we decided to make a permanent arrangement I told him not only did I love him, but more importantly I LIKED him.

I think at the time he was a wee bit confused and perhaps he was a a tad insulted. I know he gets it now...

Heh, what can I say?

In honour of the day, the song we played at our wedding:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is Libby Davies

 photo libby-davies.jpg

Darn it, I despise when bloggers pick the least flattering photo to make a point, I do not want to be one of those bloggers so can I have a do over?

This is Libby Davies.

 photo libby3.jpg

Marginal improvement. Surely I can do better.  Shall I try again?

This is Libby Davies.

 photo libby2.jpeg

I give up, I guess Libby is just NOT what you would call photogenic.

So this is a fair representation of what Libby Davies looks like.

 photo libby-davies.jpg

Libby Davies is a politician. Not just any politician but a member of her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. Not just any member of her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, but the NDP critic of Health.  Health you say? Yup Health.

This is Libby Davies.

 photo libby2.jpeg

She has tabled a Private Member's Bill in an effort  to restrict the little people's salt intake, all in the name of Health of course. Because you can tell she is all about being healthy....right?

Physician (she's not) heal thy self first (she wont).

To be fair I would oppose the Libby Davies / nanny staters of life even if they appeared  in Victoria Secret's runway show or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. However the blatant hypocrisy and  stupidity of these types is usually not this obvious....It's rather stunning really.

Talk about your bloated overlord......

A little ditty that comes to mind when ever I think of dear Libby, that's fairly normal right?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wanna see what State run Health Care will get ya?

No corporate money hungry, penny pinching, uncaring capitalists here, just your average government department I'd say:

“There was a lack of care, compassion, humanity and leadership,” said Robert Francis, chairman of the inquiry, who said the scandal was a “disaster.”
Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Cameron said, “Hundreds of people suffered from the most appalling neglect and mistreatment.
“There were patients so desperate for water that they were drinking from dirty flower vases. And relatives were ignored or even reproached when pointing out the most basic things which could have saved their loved ones from horrific pain or even death. 

What a relief that health care is "free".... Cameron thinks some people should be *gasp* fired?

I guess jail is out of the question?

Dear bloated overlord

So many post ideas, not enough time.

Take for example the post about the demise of the penny this week. Didn't happen, now it's old news and hardly blog worthy. Gone..

Then there was the brilliant ( sadly)  reoccurring post about "Bullying in schools  wouldn't be an issue if the administration and teachers didn't model  it so well". Imagine that violent child pretending to save the world with an imaginary grenade? At school? That'll learn ya.

Zombie apocalypse commercials at the super bowl: You know you are passe and mainstream when you are a super bowl ad.

A woman's work is never done.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

Cattleman cooking up his world ( family) favorite Jambalaya and corn bread to bring to the potluck. Gathering with Family, family no matter how you make it, is a goooood thing.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How does that work?

Can someone explain to me how the temperature can rise 50, yes I said a full 50 degrees and it is still a cold, damp miserable day?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Woman of a certain age....

It's official and it some how is a complete surprise. Go figure.

Went to the Doctor for my first "annual physical" in about five years. I don't do Doctors so well. I think they are in business so I don't want to see them unless I have serious business to take care of. I only go if I have a real health problem or see something coming.

I recently got in touch with the family of my Biological father, I will do a post on that one day I have sisters! :O) Seems my sperm donor died at a relatively young age of some sort of cancer that stays heavy in the family line. So I guessed it was time to talk to my doc and see what this "might" mean for me and my kiddos. Nothing much but it will be noted and an "eye" will be kept out for it.

While I am at the Doctors we do the whole physical thing, stirrups and all. Everything is where it should be and I am healthy as a human can possibly be. While the Doctor probes, pushes , scrapes and what not she asks how I am adjusting to Menopause.

Insert Visual of Blinky eyed Grey right about here.

MENOPAUSE??????? Wthell???????

Doc: Well when was your last cycle?

Grey: Not sure let me think...December........2011.

I reallllly don't keep track any more obviously as this was somewhat of a surprise to me. I have never been one of those women obsessed with their cycle and kept notes on every drip, bump in the road or any of that nonsense. Obliviousness be mine name....

Doc: Yup Menopause....

Grey: I guess I am fine with it then as I hardly noticed, except the occasional power surge that I noticed plenty.

Doc: I guess you are, but let me know if you have issues......

I can feel this is not going to be one of those traumatic, reassess your life, woe is me experiences.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello again!

So here I am back, after about a year of off/ on, off/on

Me thinks I am on again.

Took the time off because Life got scary for a while,

Life got weird,

Life was busy,

Life gave us a miracle,

Life got very personal,

Life became life and intruded on my "reality" and family.

Life became Life and taught me a few things that I should have already known.

Number one: Oh I know this is trite and a cliche but it's soooo true:

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Which in essence means you can't really live or survive intact if you let fear, anxiety take over, plow on sister!

You can't control life, you can only control how you react to it.

I forgot that, I'm ready to start dancing again!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bullying in schools wouldn't be such an issue

if Teachers and Unions didn't model it so darn well.

Greg Pietersma, chairman of eastern Ontario’s Upper Canada District School Board, said that a union steward indicated to one of his high-school principals that the union was encouraging teachers to “shun” colleagues who engaged in voluntary activities. 
Teachers: if your Masters, the union, say no don't do any extra curricular activities then I guess you best  do as your told or else.

Some Ontario teachers are breaking ranks and resuming their participation in school sports teams and clubs, but those who do so are coming under pressure from their peers.
This small group of teachers say they no longer want to hurt their students by withdrawing from extracurricular activities, as advised by the unions representing elementary and high-school teachers working for public school boards.

Educators told The Globe and Mail that as a result, colleagues have put notes in their mailboxes, threatened to shun them and created e-mail addresses where they can anonymously report teachers who give time to school clubs, sports and other activities outside the classroom.

Well bully for them I say, congratulations for having a free thought about you do with your own time.

The sad part is that in Ontario we are a public system, Private schools are almost unaffordable for anyone .

Bring on the voucher system, break a monopoly, give families a choice and cripple a union. After all it's for the children. :O)