Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How the HELL did that happen?

I have a friend that occasionally likes to explain things as mathematical equations, it's pretty cool, so cool in fact that I decided to try it myself, as a lady with an accounting back ground, you would think that this would be situation "pas de sweat, Non" ? Umm non....pas de pas de sweat SVP. How disappointing.

Ovum plus nothings equals nothing, Birth control plus ovum still equals nothing, Birth control plus ovum plus sperm is still nothing, Birth control plus ovum plus sperm plus Antibiotics equals? I am going to be a Granny.

A GRANNY????????????

WTHoodles is that about? This Grey lady  just decided a few years ago she was done having children. My butt is not wide like a Granny's, I don't wear clunky ugly Granny shoes, at least I don't think I do, my hair is not Grey like a granny's, these are my teeth, I don't call kids sweety unless I am pissed beyond measure, How the Hell does that happen?

Ohhhhhh yeah I just explained it to ya........ I know, I have children at the age that I was when I had my first , some are even  in steady rock solid relationships. You would think I could have anticipated this?  It seems when I look at my own children at these ages all I see is soooooo young, sooooo needing to experience life more. Wanting them to have freedom to do, have a safer more solid financial base......oh never mind, they will do what they will do. I have to reminding us it is their life now....Remember when you had to take the hands off and let them be them, totally free to be wrong or right? Ouch it is difficult isn't it?

Jeepers I hope I'm up for it, I hope I can keep me nose out everything. ( You gotta know this is going to be the difficult one) Just be loving, supportive and keep me mouth shut unless asked......unless asked,  Keep me mouth shut, keep me mouth shut, keep me mouth shut,...unless asked. Sigh....... Here goes.....

Cattleman is tickled pink, he's ready to be a  Grand Papa, but he doesn't think Senor Super Sperm is nearly good enough for his daughter. Shocker that eh?  I think he is just a boy not a man yet, I am willing to give him some time to wake up, grow up and impress. Not that it matters what we think of Senor super sperm.  She's our daughter, she will decide for herself.

I give up.

I have realllllly realllllly tried hard to NOT blog about my rather large brood of critters. The Cattleman is fine, seems he is fair game, we have been joined for over 26 years and at times I have a difficult time telling where he begins and I end.  The dogs are cool, you are either a dog person or you aren't, but just about everyone can relate to that.  :O)

I am not sure what exactly my rational is or was, but I find it practically impossible. My family, it's welfare, interactions, like many women, is the primary focus of my life's energy. 

I will be keeping my Breakfast Club Kids out, their stories are not mine to tell, nor will they be fodder for this blog. They exist, they are so bereft of anything that I feel like I would be stealing from them if I did.  I could see me highlighting the lessons my family has and continue to learn from these special ones, but apart from that? I think  not.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Question for the ages.

Why is it when you throw four or five prepubescent girl creatures in a tent the only noise heard from it always qualifies as pure torture? Why is the decibel ratio always squared by a factor every time you just add one more? And why, oh why, can't boys just  leave the squealing girl creatures the heck alone so the noise will subside.....

Hey! Boys! Just leave those girls alone!......I need the cone of silence or a pot of coffee. :O)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Schools out for summer....

The day I have been looking  forward since September 1st  has finally arrived, last day of school for the critters, let the real life resume.

I am no AC fan, not like the Cattleman who went to terrible Toronto to see him last May, (who was shocked I tell ya, shocked that Alice was the "warm up" band for a certain Mr. Zombie.) but what self respecting human being doesn't find themselves singing along with Alice when they hear this anthem ?

I've recently had someone ask me why in the world I would be sending my children to a state run INSTITUTION given my  opinions about politics, tax eaters, state worshiping  indoctrination etc, you know given what schools really are. I will give you my answer in a nut shell (every pun and sense of irony intended in the use of "nut shell" thank you very much)

I believe that I have an obligation to teach my children how to live among the majority, steer thru the tax eater infested waters of indoctrination and keep their core principles from being assimilated into the "government knows what is best for the group and screw the individual" mind think. Passive peaceful Resistance needs to be practiced in many ways on many occasions before one becomes confident in their skill set. I make sure my children have the skills to resist in a quiet confident law abiding manner. It is an essential skill as far as I am concerned.

Good thing to know

Listening to the radio this morning and a guy from a cell phone company called in response to folks saying they could not use their cell phone shortly after the quake.

Cell phone ( and apparently land lines) air is/was restricted to Government operations during an emergency. One would think this is a great idea, fire, police, rescue personal, emergency co-ordination get to use it in order to properly serve the populace. One question however, how the hell are they supposed to know where the emergency situations are if land lines and cell lines are restricted to those personal?

You are pretty much on your own folks in any kind of emergency, be ready to fend for yourself. Better figure out how you are going to get in touch with family across town that does not include the phone or your cell. This is a concern for me as the Grey Lady has a grey haired Mamma that will not leave her beloved city. I have kids that live n the city making a living. Better figure out how to disengage your own gas, take care of your own business....Back to the old drawing board.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holly Cow Did I ever feel that......

Having a quiet moment all to my self, this is a rare moment indeed, this afternoon and all of a sudden this rumbling sound coupled with a slight vibrating motion...waves of increasing intensifying movement to a receding in intensity. Holy Cow I have felt our version of earth quakes before, but never one that has gone on for over a minute or become so strong. The whole house shook and it seemed that the walls were doing a wee bit of a dance. No apparent damage that I can see.

Heh...both of man's best friend merely lifted their heads from their naps. Not even a bark to be heard....Oh well carry on then.

Update: Radio reports it was a 5.7, the center about 50 clicks from me, (I think it is anyway )just about the strongest we have had in this area in a very long time.

Brought this song to mind.

I know it doesn't exactly fit, but it works for me O.K. ?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take two Librium

and call your psycho analysts in the morning.

Seems someone at the other Grey Lady is having birthing issues, to give birth or to obliterate all births in order to, yup you got it, save the world. This place is just tooo awful and painful  a place to justify birthing more. Of course it is awful and ugly place at times, human beings have the capacity for monumental cruelty that they don't hesitate to perpetuate upon their fellows, but your answer dude is silly and beyond comprehension, egads some folks take themselves waaaaay too seriously and they hope you do too.

Peter singer asks the hard questions over at the Times. Should this be the last generation? have a full stomach before you wade into this cess pool of self hatred and of all humanoids.

"Is a world with people in it better than one without? Put aside what we do to other species — that’s a different issue. Let’s assume that the choice is between a world like ours and one with no sentient beings in it at all....No one’s rights will be violated — at least, not the rights of any existing people. Can non-existent people have a right to come into existence?"

"Few of us would think it right to inflict severe suffering on an innocent child, even if that were the only way in which we could bring many other children into the world. Yet everyone will suffer to some extent, and if our species continues to reproduce, we can be sure that some future children will suffer severely."

"Even if we take a less pessimistic view of human existence than Benatar, we could still defend it, because it makes us better off — for one thing, we can get rid of all that guilt about what we are doing to future generations — and it doesn’t make anyone worse off, because there won’t be anyone else to be worse off..."

"Is life worth living? Are the interests of a future child a reason for bringing that child into existence? And is the continuance of our species justifiable in the face of our knowledge that it will certainly bring suffering to innocent future human beings?"

Oh boy, Peter the meaning of life is not to go about without suffering during your existence. How could you go about even the MOST self absorbed life and NOT get that? (God the sixties really went awry didn't they?) How could you miss something so big and so basic and still  have two brain cells left over to rub together?

Peter? Lighten up dude it's all attitude don't cha know?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

A letter for Helen

Dear Helen Thomas,

I watched on video, with great interest, your suggestion that Jews get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Poland.

I'm actually going to be taking you up on your suggestion next week. I'm not really going "back" to Poland because I've never been there before. But all of my grandparents were born there.

They were lucky enough to get out of Poland and into Canada, but everyone who stayed in Poland ended up in ovens, or burned alive in a barn in southeastern Poland-I assume you have heard of Jedwabne.

I wrote about it a little while ago. In Jedwabne, the Jews were rounded up-men, women and children and put into a barn.

The barn was set on fire and the Jews were burned alive.

The Poles didn't like the sound of the screams, so they played music outside the barn to drown out the sounds.

For many years, the Poles blamed the Nazis for this atrocity. However, in recent years, the Poles have come clean. They burned their neighbours alive because they were Jews.
Read on.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helen Thomas disabuses the myth

that unattractive women are any smarter then their attractive sisters.

The following is a study of the migratory pattern of the Folks in question that I am sure Helen would endorse.

I despair for humanity sometimes, really.....we suck sometimes.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I want this....

Looking around the Internet this morning for  storage solutions and stumbled upon this no so little beauty:

Shelf reliance

Now to track down  a distributer that does NOT reside in Utah.

I know,  I know,  it is a poor master that blames it's tools, your point is?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back in the saddle again

As a house maintenance item I decided to tackle the job of my freezer today. Ewwwwww.

Up until about 6 or so months ago I could tell you exactly what as in it and when it was due to be used or refused, circumstances being what they were I lost complete and total touch with what was going on in both the freezer and in my stores. So time to pull up me socks and brave the jobs I have been dreading. Ewwwwwwwww.

Turfed some stuff that was just taking up space, (like fish, I am th only one who likes fish, I keep buying it to feed the suddenly unhungry, so I should just give up this one and stop buying it,'s decided, one less struggle to improve the family's diet, even I can learn eventually can't I, gotta learn to pick more important mountains) home baking that was long forgotten, some store bought bread, What store bought bread in MY house? Ewwwwwwww.

A couple of ham bones that will now never make soup, left over turkey also that will never make soup. What a waste of what was once good food and $$$$$.

Some freezer burned fruit, (Frigo seal apparently has no friggin seal when it comes to freezing) But still have quite a bit that needs using up soon, so making jam on the morrow. Wild blueberry jam, Raspberry jam and a mixture of the two along with the small amount of strawberries I also found.

 Loe and behold about forty lbs of Hamburger that I forgot I had and needed to be used. So I made 6 tourtieres, have a slow cooker full of chili that is bubbling away waiting to be canned tomorrow and  making a pile of meat balls to put up in the freezer for soups and pastas. Num num. I make fanfreakingtastic home made meatballs, the secret is to soak one or two pieces of bread in milk and work that thru the meat along with the spices. If you want to go allll out add some shredded asiagio and parmigiana cheeses. Take tablespoon amount of meat mixture roll into balls, place on a cookie sheet or a lasagna pan, don't over fill your pan, cook in oven at 350, every 10 minutes or so take the pan out and shake it so the meat balls roll around and return to oven until they are cooked evenly. Cool and place in freezer bags.  Smooth like butter they are......

Only a fraction of the way thru the freezer, feeling energized to take back the reigns and get this stores business back under control. I already know that my canned goods and dry goods are  an issue, a mass of holes in inventory, stuff in all the wrong places, ewwww what a mess it is too. Another job to start when this one is Finished.

Now to just come up with some sort of system that will keep track that is so user friendly that this doesn't happen again....Who am I kidding....come up with a system to make it easier to recover that is a more likely scenerio.

And they thought Bud Abbott was the smart one.....

European bail out, three card Monty explained a la Abbot and Costello:

Brilliant yes?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Do not despair slaves

Things are looking up, waaaay up!

According to the Frasier institute tomorrow is Tax freedom day! Yippee, every cent you made to this point was paid out to one level of taxation or another. Meh....thats peanuts...alll the rest till December 31st at mid night? They are gonna let you keep...sort of. HST coming in on July 1st Happy Canada Day y'all.!!!

To help put you in the proper festive mood, we have the number one hit of the Fraser Instituter's Tax freedom Day Rap. Enjoy the freedom while you can.

HT Freedom IMN

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I see Crazy People

(Yeah I know silence for weeks and then whammo three in a row, what can I say I almost feel human again. :) )

This one is a real head scratcher for sure, but then maybe not,

Federal officials are hoping film director James Cameron can help them come up with ideas on how to stop the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

 After all this the USA government  I'm talking about.

Do I appear blond to you?

Alternative title: Some times you have to spend money to save money.

Last night the Cattleman came home with a decided bounce to his step, actually he was almost dancing a wee gleeful jig.

Whats that about I wondered........... for about 37 seconds.

Since the beginning of our marriage the Cattleman and his fellow NFL worshipers, brothers, man friends have had these guy weekends. It started off as once a year and had clearly morphed to two times which has since morphed in three times  over the years. What do I care? Everyone needs time away from reality, time to decompress, time with friends and brothers that you don't aways manage to have time for on a regular basis. I actually like those weekends as I get the house of certain objects that the cattleman might notice, object to if he were around. It's a good thing don't cha know.

Well any way back to the jigster, seems that the "regulars" had put themselves on the Season Tickets list of the nearest NFL team, also THE TEAM of the majority of the weekenders. Three of them got calls, tickets standing all in a lovely row right beside each other came up ( it was apparently fate or Karma or something) and now we are the proud owners of NFL season's tickets. Yipeeee...for him.

Now I was surprised at the cost of the tickets which was the angle the Cattleman decided to take with me. A whole season of tickets actually, in theory anyway, cost less then what he would pay a scalper for just two, count them two games. What a great deal.....The best part of it is that there will be these left over tickets to 8 other games that he can theory. See sometimes you have to spend money to save money or as in this case make money. Sure that will happen. Call me a pessimist or cynical, I know the cattleman will stick to the three weekends, it may hurt but he will do it, this fall and winter, but I can see the future in my crystal ball: Three weekends will morph into four weekends before the jig is finished, just may morph into more weekends, after all if they don't sell those tickets it would be such a waste........Which could even work to my advantage ( she thought in a crafty manner) if I get some notice, I could start some projects while he is gone. I wonder how hard it is to tile a bathroom......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The understated elegance of simple plan...

What you get when you cross MacGyver and  Stroud ?

After being stranded for days in an area just south of Wollaston Lake, he cut down four power poles in hopes of attracting attention. According to SaskPower's James Parker, he was spotted by a helicopter last Friday. "We fly the line to see what the issue is. So naturally our folks went down to rescue him. He was in a very distressed state when we got to him."

This has got to be a guy thing...right?