Sunday, February 14, 2010

No joy in Mudville tonight......

A minor mile stone in this lowly blog's life was when The Grey Lady received it`s first Google referral URL. Wow, Yippie Ki Yay,  Google knows I exist, light a scented candle, bake a chocolate cake, break open some Haggen Das. I gaze in wonder and then wonder just what were those fateful search words that prompted the visit and just how high on the list did The Grey Lady rank. Oh my... the key words were kinda funny, kinda weird, kinda well....... off, if ya know what I mean..and the hit was from Germany of all places, but I did rank third on the list even if it was translated from German. That was kinda cool don't cha know.

New hits, Apparently if you write in Arabic and are from Egypt and use certain key words or phrases or close to them I come up pretty close to the top, Still cool, but I am beginning to wonder about folks and their social lives now...

Ireland? Same sort of search.  Vegas? Same sort of search. California? Same. Netherlands? Same ( I have no idea what language that was, but there The Grey Lady sat right up near the top). Hey even a BC hit. Go Canerder Go! Jonesboro Georgia. Yup. In over 15 hits now just for this search type and from one post I almost didn`t do. Just what post might that be...Well this one:

Madame your enema awaits you....

Just what were those fateful words, catch phrases: They be, woman on woman, man gives woman, punishment, woman getting, woman giving, The _____ Lady, and the word attached to all those searches ENEMA of all things. Now I have heard of Golden showers before, but muddy flooding waters?..not so much. I can only imagine the disappointment of my visitors when they did not get their preferred kink fest but a wee rant about an out of step past her prime feminist. So I apologize now for The Grey Lady`s lacking and so sorry that there will be no joy in Mudville tonight, the mighty Google has struck out. (Also for that Pregnant lady in Jersey, I feel your pain.)

Lesson learned, The Grey Lady will try to remember about judicious choice of wordage and the possible results. :)

E-N- E- M- A,  E- N- E- M- A, E-N-E-M-A and now Google knows my nameo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My give a damn's busted...

While the radio and so called Newspapers are all a buzz with Who is deserving to be the torch bearer for that "Taxpayer funded, feel good about your gosh golly, ain't we grand for a winter country" abomination going on on the west coast, should it be Wayne? Fancy from Mars Nancy? A politically correct aboriginal as requested by the Ministry of heritage. All smoke and mirrors, all fluff and no substance.

Little attention gets paid to this charming ruling by the Inhuman rights Commission, this time the offender is in Quebec.

Obese woman wins human rights fight for parking spot,

Marise Myrand won a favourable ruling from the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal, which said her condo association discriminated against her by denying her a parking spot closer to her building entrance. She not only won the preferred spot, but all 35 of her neighbours will have to contribute to her $10,000 award.

Ms. Myrand, who weighs 389 lbs., suffers from extensive health problems, including heart and respiratory difficulties, reduced mobility and diabetes. She uses an oxygen tank and has a handicapped sticker on her car.

In 2005, she began trying to trade her condo parking spot for one closer to the entrance, but that spot was occupied by a neighbour, Jocelyne Nolet.

Ms. Myrand's attempts to negotiate with both Ms. Nolet and the Ste.-Marie-de-Beauce condo association failed; the dispute turned nasty, and the association even accused Ms. Myrand of using her handicap for her personal benefit.

Well la-de-frickin-do-da-day. So one very largesques and sick lady buys a condo knowing the deeded parking spot is far away, she looks around and decides that because she is in poor health and so morbidly obese that she NEEEEEDS the closest parking spot to her unit, more then the rightfull legal owner.

Tries to negotiate with the lady who owns the spot, Who is also disabled and (mistakenly apprently) thinks she neeeds her legaly owned spot, but not as badly disabled, tries to trade with her, that fails. Does our I'm entitled victim lady give up?

Hell no!

She tries to get the condo corp to force the deeded legal owner of the spot to trade with her, that fails, Does our I'm entitled Lady give up?

Hell no!

You wimp, you quitter, how dare you even suggest that our Lady  who makes things shady let it go, Quebec Human rights commission is the next step to stealing your neighbour's property because you neeeeed it inorder to make your life worth living again. Besides you are Obese, you are sick, you are entitled, never forget that, ever...

So the Quebec Human rights Commission just stole a citizen's property to give to a less fortunate at a whim, with out compensation, as a matter of fact they fined the original owner and the Condo folks for being poor sharers, for not displaying "proper" Canadian Values. (Please place visual of vomiting smiley right here. Rinse, spit and then repeat.)

So if by some bizarre chance you got thru the "sharing is caring", give up every thing you own for the greater good of the community, taught by folks who parasitically suck from everything that is good, taxpayers, indoctrination of public school, the HRC will correct that small error in your programing. At your own expense naturally.... Good grief....And nary a protest or mention almost anywhere.

But remember folks your rights are not being encraoched upon, I keep being told that NO rights are being encraoched upon. When will I learn to ignore my lying eyes and just keep up the sheep sleep walking, it is just so much more restful don't cha know.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Coyote Ugly.

This is a Coyote, not a dog.


This is almost a Dog.


For this,


I need to learn to co-exist, My City and the MMR are going to spend our hard earned taxdollars to "educate" you and I on how utterly safe these animals are. Pay no never mind that coyotes have been responsible for the killing and snacking on family pets, farmer's sheep, goats and recently a pack had a hiker for a snacky too . But that was verrrrrry unusual, they must have been sick or something, won't happen again. Forget that a Coyote is a predator and the very fact that it is alive is a testament to how very good a killing machine, of all things that are small, it actually is.


Do you see those kids at the playstructure? Pay no attention, except to enjoy the beauty of nature and then move along folks with no worries. Ok then.

Now this:


Almost a dog, all four pounds of her, this same City requires me to get shots every year, register it and licence it every year, this menace to society can not go without a leash in public, all in the name of public safety, protecting the children don't cha know ?

If I don't? Men in uniform can and will come on to my property with out a warrant, take my dog away, fine me some serious cashola, put said dog into a shelter, find a new owner or have it put down. Again in the name of the public safety.....