Thursday, December 31, 2009

La Premiere

Ohhhhhh the pressure to preform and to do so in a deep thought provoking manner is huge, I can pretty well gar-un-teeeeeeee you I probably will NOT succumb to it. I am no wordsmith, no mental giant with intelligentsia oozing out of my gluteus maximus. What I am is a Mamma of more children then common sense dictates, a wife to a verrrrrrrrrrry patient and loving man, a devoted daughter, owned by two of the most useless, but charming dogs and an awakened sheep.

What this blog will end up being about? I have no clue, I let the worry of having a "theme" stop me for a very long time, no cake disaster photos, no style tips to impart my decorating genius, no pithy religious thumping or bashing, no political rah rah vis boom bah, no vilification of any particular entity, damn.......... my deficiencies are legion when it comes to settling and suddenly it has come to me this is actually one of my many charms.

All I know for sure is that My sweet hubby and I are on the same page, we both got there from different paths, different thought process, but we are united in our goals. Big goals that will have to achieved by quiet baby steps. Shhhhh.......... the sheep are awake and making their way toward the light.

Life is cool journey yah?