Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My lord love a duck

My dearest Cattleman,

When I lay down for the night and have you by my side I feel safe in this crazy world, I feel calm, I gather strength from you and know we will always together.

Until you start that infernal snoring, then I plot ways to get one of the children to move out so I can have their room.


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WolfSong said...

What is it with men and snoring?

Mine has sleep apnea, but refuses to go for treatment, so not only do I get to listen to him snore, I get to jab him every 8 minutes so he'll keep breathing. And he wonders why I drink so much coffee during the day...*rolls eyes* Silly Man!

I long for a house with an extra use as my sewing/creating room. Only it'll have a nice futon that folds down for me to get some real sleep!